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Pimk Rail

Pimk Rail EAD is a railroad carrier which organizes the transportation of wide range of cargos within the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.
The aim of our Company is to offer prompt expert quality services at reasonable prices.

Established in October 2015 this Company is the logical continuation of the ambition of the biggest Bulgarian company for international cargo transport - PIMK Ltd - with the idea to promote the growth of transport industry, to improve the integration between the different types of transport, to develop new transportation layouts in order to enable the carriage of bigger cargo loads and to arrive to their destination en bloc. This concept is implemented by the arrangement of international block trains, passing through Bulgarian in transit, along the Europe – Asia axis. The viability of such initiatives is ensured by the close cooperation between railroad carriers in Europe and Turkey, with the help of logistic companies and cargo handlers.

PIMK RAIL activities harmonize with the proposals from the European Commission White Papers and the planned reduction by 60 % of greenhouse gas emissions and the possibilities to restrict climate changes under 2ºC.

The daring intentions of PIMK RAIL team are realized by fine selection of professionals experienced in the railroad transport, and by the availability of the required resource of vehicles for transportation, such as locomotives, wagons, repair shops, cherishing the ambition to be of service to future customers.